MO Group


CLIENT: Stand Up to Cancer

Task: Launch joint initiative by Stand Up to Cancer in Moscow. Attract celebrity ambassadors for the SU2C's programme in Russia to endorse its campaign, participate in PSA and cause marketing campaigns. Achieve free placements of SU2C's PSAs in the leading Moscow publications and on billboards across the city.

Strategy and tactics: In a very short time frame we have managed to enlist support of six Russian celebrity ambassadors for the Moscow campaign of this renowned US Charity. The celebrities volunteered to record audio- and video- Public Service Announcements (PSAs), as well as cause marketing reels for the joint SU2C-MasterCard Buy and give hope money raising campaign. We have managed the publicity around the launch of this charitable initiative, created all the information materials in Russian, formed key media alliances and secured free placement of print PSAs and media articles.

Result: Unprecedented support by key media and placement partners that we have attracted enabled SU2C to see the whole city of Moscow covered in banners and billboards with campaign symbols and messages.