MO Group

Multi-country PR campaign design and management

The leading oil and gas producing and transportation company in Kazakhstan.

Task: Establish the reputation of KazMunaiGas in Lithuania, both in public opinion and in government circles, as the most promising future partner in forthcoming bids to acquire a controlling stake in Mazheikiu Nafta, the Lithuanian oil refinery.

Strategy and tactics: Design and implement large-scale media and government relations campaign. Target audiences included general public, experts, business community, government officials, MPs, as well as environmental NGOs. In the course of an eight-month campaign our efforts concentrated on creating news-pegs, educating the Lithuanian journalists and analysts about the benefits KazMunaiGas would bring to Lithuania. The activities included two media tours to Kazakhstan, to production facilities and the capital Astana. Presentations were organised for experts and analysts in London, Brussels and a series of such events took place in Lithuania. High profile meetings were organised, during which the company’s top-managers met the Lithuanian President, Prime-Minister and speaker of Parliament.

Result: The previously unknown KazMunaiGas gained extensive favourable publicity in all the Lithuanian media and came to be perceived as the most desirable winner for the Mazheikiu stake. More than 200 articles were generated in the Lithuanian, Russian and international English-language press.