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Web-site building and maintenance

Sample web-sites, fully designed and managed by our teams on the daily basis.


Task: Create a web site for EU-Russia Centre, a Brussels-based NGO, engaged in research and promoting dialogue on all issues concerning EU-Russia relations. Provide daily maintenance, update and promote the web-site in the internet.

Strategy and tactics: We developed the site structure and design from scratch. A convenient editorial interface was created to enable prompt and simple web-site update in four languages – English, Russian, German and French. Logical web-site structure and comprehensive search capability enable users to easily navigate the site and find necessary information in its vast library. EU-Russia Centre web-site was updated by our professionals on a daily basis. It provides fresh and relevant information and expertise on EU-Russia relations, including media digests, EU-Russia Centre exclusive articles, publications, research, etc. Visitors can subscribe to EU-Russia Centre newsletter using a specially designed feedback form.

The quality of the site was constantly analysed and assessed by us to produce more effective and innovative solutions.

The web-site promotion in the internet was implemented through banner advertising and banner exchange.

Result: Within 10 months after its launch the site became a widely known and reputable internet resource cited by well-known international media. Its popularity was constantly increasing: at the beginning of 2007 about 3500 visits were registered per month, while in July the amount of visits per month reached 11000.